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About Me


Summary of Skills

·      Disability Equality/Inclusive Living Consultant                 

·      Lecturer – disability studies and social sciences

·      Disability Equality Trainer

·      Extensive skills in computing – familiar with all Microsoft Office software [Word, PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets etc], Adobe PDF, at home I use an I-Mac

·      Public Speaking

·      Workshop Facilitator

·      Committee Chair


 2000 – 2003:  University of Leeds

Centre for Disability Studies, LS9 9JT

Post Graduate Disability Studies MA  [Dissertation still to be completed]

1995 –1998:  Edge Hill University College

St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancs. L39 4QP

Applied Social Sciences BA (Hons.) 

1993-1995:  Hugh Baird College

Balliol Road, Bootle, Liverpool L20 7EW

GCSE: Applied Psychology

1979-1981:  Hugh Baird College

Balliol Road, Bootle, Liverpool L20 7EW

Advanced Levels: English Literature, History, Government & Politics

1973-1979: Highfield Comprehensive

Queens Drive, Liverpool L13 5U 

Ordinary Levels: English Language, English Literature, History, Politics, Human Biology, Commerce, French

CSE: Mathematics

RSA1: Typing

Work History

2007 to 2008     Group Development Worker, People First Merseyside

This is a peer support group for adults with a learning disability.   My role was to assist and support the members in the day-to-day running of the group and to support in the development of the organisation.  I also assisted members with CSCI visits to various residential care homes and helped them to write up their reports.  Unfortunately I had to resign from this job due to a severe back injury, which I have now fully recovered from.

1998 to  Present          Vsiting Lecturer

                                    Edge Hill University
                                    St Helens Road,  
                                    Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QP

Lecturing in Disability & Community Studies – part of the Applied Social Sciences Department.  My duties included preparing and researching for lectures to students, holding seminars and also setting & marking essays and other course work as required.    In addition I am often invited to be a ‘Guest Lecturer’ to other Departments within the University e.g. I recently gave a lecture on the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act for the leisure industry to the Tourism and Leisure Management course students.      I was also very much involved in University staff development and training in terms of disability and equality awareness.   During 1999-2002 I was the Edge Hill representative to the Learning and Skills Council.

1996 to Present    Disability Equality Trainer - Freelance 

My training always receives excellent feedback.  Some of the organisations that I have provided training for include;

Sefton MBC, South Liverpool Housing Association, Breakthrough UK Ltd, Credibility Ltd, Sefton CVS, AimHigher, Northwest Disability Services [DWP], Liverpool University, John Moore's University


1983 - 1990     Welfare Rights Officer

                         Sefton MBC        

                         Balliol House

                         Balliol Road, Bootle, Liverpool L20 3NJ                           

 Based in two Health Centres; Magdalene Square, Netherton, Liverpool L30 5SP and Park Street, Bootle, Liverpool L20 3RF

I would see my ‘clients’ via an appointments system [I would see both disabled and non-disabled people].  I would give information and advise on all matters of welfare and I would frequently liase with other bodies, such the DHSS, Social Services and Housing Departments.    I was also a very successful advocate in terms of representing claimants at their DHSS Appeal Tribunals and Medical Assessment Panels. 

1981 - 1983    Welfare Advisor

‘Sefton Welfare Advisory Service for the Disabled’

               Sefton MBC, Balliol House

               Balliol Road, Bootle, Liverpool L20 3NJ                             

A telephone information service set up in the International Year of Disabled People.

Funded by the Manpower Services Commission.   Main duties included giving advice and counsel on all matters related to disability and welfare over the telephone.  Keeping records on all calls taken and filling in ‘referral forms’ if I needed to liase with Social Services Department or other agencies with the Borough of Sefton.

Voluntary Work

1995 – Present

Co-Chair Of Ability [Sefton] – a peer support group for disabled people who are living and/or working in Sefton

Chair of PAID (Personal Assistance and Independence Development)  a peer support group for people living in Sefton who are in receipt of Direct Payments to provide personal assistance

Member of Granada TV [Manchester] Regional Advisory Group

Member of Sefton Access Forum

Member of Transport Access Panel [TAP], MerseyTravel

Chair of  ‘Workability’ – a disability employment project – part of the Sefton MBC/CVS Equalities partnership

Disabilities Co-Representative on the Sefton MBC Strategic Borough Partnership

Former Board Member for MCIL (Merseyside Coalition for Inclusive Living)

Member of Access Advisory Committee, Southport General Hospital Trust

Former Disability Rights Activist And Regional [Merseyside] Organiser for DAN ~ The Disabled People’s Direct Action Network

1992 - 1994       Sandpipers Centre, Fairway, Southport PR9 0LA

This is a purpose-built holiday centre that was run by the ‘Winged Fellowship Trust’, which provides short breaks and respite for disabled people and their families.  

My duties included general clerical work; word processing and typing spreadsheets with regards to bookings, typing letters, recording customer’s medication prescriptions etc.   During busy periods I also helped in staffing the reception desk.

a 'poem' first written in 2007 by my friend Andrew Kavanagh

November 2007

Kevin was born with Thalidomide, and is now aged 46,

He’s always been a spoilt brat, and complains just for kicks,

He’s never lived outside Sefton, and the fifth of six mad kids,

Naturally, he’s part of another clan – the demanding, awful Flids.  

It’s a fact that there’s a history of Kevin being quite fickle,

But it’s said to be a ‘Flid thing’, and gets him in a pickle,

He’s been in many Parties, campaigns and religions too,

And he fancies many women, but none have yet come true.   

But whatever the future has for him, there will always be his cat,

To comfort him in hour of need in his cluttered ground-floor flat,

The place is like a junk shop, full of this and that,

Where nothing really matches – an eclectic load of tat.  

And then there’s his care plan, consisting of Auntie Pat,

The poor woman wants to retire, but he’s having none of that,

Kevin has tried some other PAs, but they’ve not come up to scratch,

But as he doesn’t really do change, that’s the real catch.   

His family’s forever there for him, through hail, rain and snow,

That’s mainly sister Joan, with James, John, Tom in tow,

They put up with a lot of grief, with all his rants and rambling,

Not to mention his frequent fads, from diets to his gambling.  

It has to be said, however, that he does have a positive side,

But he really can’t keep secrets, just like every Thalidomide,

Kevin can be quite generous when it comes to gifts and money,

And even though he’s ‘camp but straight’, he likes to call you ‘Honey’.  

When he puts his mind to things, he does it all with ease,

Like when at Edge Hill Uni., where they did not pay his fees,

Kevin has a lot to offer, of that there’s no dispute,

But it’s putting it into action that makes the point quite moot.

There will always be room in his heart for someone like the Moose,

She’s an evil, devious witch – hardly a god-like Zeus,

One thing that’s not changed for years is his Sunday dinner,

He gets fed, then falls asleep, and everyone’s a winner.

Without wanting to sound too morbid, things will not go on,

Just like the greasy roasts, when poor mother passes on,

But there’s always a solution, as I end this touching poem,

Just phone up the local social worker, and put him in a home. 

November 2011

Four years on and a lot has transpired,

The cats have passed on; Aunty Pat has retired,

Now listen to this, it really sounds crazy,

He’s living over the brush with Angela and Daisy.  

People may say a lot of things, but there’s something I should add,

Kevin is at last in love and also a very proud dad,

‘I can’t believe I’m a daddy now at the age of forty-nine years’,

This is what he tells anyone who has a pair of ears. 

Kevin’s dabbled with everything during his fifty years on Earth,

From religion and even politics with a healthy dose of mirth,

I think I will end it here, but there’s one more thing to do,

Wishing you a brilliant night – Happy Birthday to you ! 

Image: my 50th birthday party - Andrew's poem

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