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just some of my MANY TV appearances - I'm such a media whore! No, I'm very grounded really :)

ITV Granada - A short clip from a retrospective look on 'World In Action' a Granada tv current affairs series, featuring yours truly

ITV Granada - the first documentary about me 'World In Action - A Day in the Life of Kevin Donnellon' Granada TV, 1972 ~ I was aged 11

ITV Granada - the 2nd 'World in Action - Kevin at the crossroads' 1981 when I was aged 19 [note: this was wrongly numbered by the Youtube uploader!]

ITV Granada - the 3rd World In Action documentary - 'Born Survivors' also featuring the sadly missed Louise Medus-mansell and Liam Evans, broadcast in 1987 [note: this was wrongly numbered by the Youtube uploader!]

ITV Anglia - 'The Tin Lins - The Thalidomide Story' an Anglia TV documentary featuring many British thalidomiders including yours truly. Broadcast 1991 when I was aged 29.

ITN News At Ten clip - 1993

ITV Granada - the 4th 'World in Action' documentary featuring two other thalidomiders, Brian Wilson and the late and sadly missed Louise Medus-mansell. Titled 'Victims of their success' broadcast in 1995 - I was aged 34

BBC - Horizon: Thalidomide - A Necessary Evil 1998

BBC1 - 'The One Show - Thalidomide' I'm interviewed by the the v. successful comedian Gary Skyner - broadcast c. 1997

BBC - 'Thalidomide at 40' a BBC documentary broadcast in 2002 featuring comedian Gary Skyner and the sadly missed the great Jeanette Cooke, who tragically died shortly after this prog. was broadcast

BBC - 'Inside Out', North West - comedian Gary Skyner and actor/comedian Ricky Tomlinson circa. 2006

a video made circa 2012 as part of a campaign to persuade the gov't to retain our Health Grant

The Sunday Times feature 2012

BBC - 'Celebrity school life' ~ clip from 'Disowned and Disabled' BBC4 2013

after giving a short speech in Brussels at the EU Commission in 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of pharmaceutical legislation in the EU I did loads of interviews - I think this is for Lithuanian TV

Interview for Edge Hill University around independent living 2015

Diageo promotional video with Thalidomide Trust 'An interview with Kevin Donnellon' 2019

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Since the World's Been Turning podcast episode 64

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British Pathé news clip 'Mercy Gets The Verdict' (1962) - parents in Belgium acquitted of murdering their Thalidomide baby girl born without arms!

Canadian documentary film 'No Limits: The Thalidomide Saga' - 2016 You might be relieved to know that I don't feature in this one, but it is a brilliant and moving film which accurately details the Thalidomide story.

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